& Combat Sports

Monday MMA Grappling
Combat Sambo 7.30pm

Wednesday MMA Striking
Muay Thai/Shootboxing 7.30pm

This class focuses on the dynamic combat sport of MMA, combining Muay Thai/ Shootboxing, Ju-Jitsu & Sambo. This is the program you’ve been looking for to take your combat sports training to a higher level.


Street MMA...

Maga Kapap 10.30am

Krav Maga Kickboxing


Krav Maga is used by hundreds of Law Enforcement agencies & militaries throughout the world.

Our combative brand of Progressive Krav Maga is an aggressive form of street self defence which infuses KAPAP Krav Maga & Ju-Jitsu takedowns, pins & ground striking along with striking techniques & scenario drills.

Combat Sambo

Mondays 7.30pm

Mixed style focused on striking, standing throws, takedowns, and submissions. Combat Sambo is the base for all other MMA, self defense and being a well rounded fighter.

Muay Thai & Shootboxing

MMA Striking Wednesdays 7.30pm

This MMA Striking class combines Muay Thai, Chinese Sanda & Japanese Shootboxing.

Known as “the art of eight limbs,” this combat sport incorporates punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes, making it a versatile and effective martial art for competition. In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai is a crucial skill to have in your arsenal as it provides fighters with powerful striking techniques that can be used both in stand-up exchanges and in the clinch.

Bronze & Silver medal wins in Combat Sambo