Ju-Jitsu is for Everyone

Despite the fact that law enforcement, military, and para-military groups train in some aspects of Ju-Jitsu or another, this self-defence discipline is designed for everyone regardless of fighting experience. When you go to your first-time class expect to see all types of persons from all walks of life including the young, old and women. Many women are especially drawn to Ju-Jitsu because of its effective self-defence style. If you are one of those guys, who believe women don’t belong in a fighting discipline then be prepared to change your mind or don’t bother coming.

Be Prepared for Hard Work and Consistency

Kapap, like ballet or any martial art, is physically and mentally very demanding. You will sweat a lot and many times push yourself to your limits. At first, the shock to the system will take some time getting used to, but with consistency, you will find that both your mind and body begin to adapt to its new routine. It is important to be committed so that you can start seeing results early. Coming to class from time to time will not yield much progress and will instead leave you feeling frustrated.

Prepare to get bruised

Like any other self-defence or martial arts, practicing Ju-Jitsu may cause injury as practice with others in a class setting. In a quick dynamic environment where you are constantly moving with partners who are doing the same, it’s always possible and inevitable that within the course of training you will experience pain from straining too much or interacting with another practitioner. Eventually, you will actually like your bruises like a badge of honour!

Your training will spill into other areas of your life

As you train in Ju-Jitsu​ and gain more self-confidence, you will feel stronger in your abilities to handle everyday problems and people in your life. You’ll gain a new sense of positive energy and ambition that can help you in your career and life in general.

Expect to purchase and wear protective gear

Like a contact sport or any other martial art, you need to wear gloves, shin guards, groin guards, mouth guards and protective headgear for sparring. It is necessary to invest in high-quality gear to be protected from injury and also because you will need it at testing time.

Be part of a team

Expect to work together with your partners regardless of level. You will work as a team trying to reach the same goals during class time. Don’t try to impress others even if you know some techniques from other disciplines. Help your fellow partners to do their best by encouraging and pushing them to do their best.

You’re part of a community

As you train more and more and assisting as many classes as you can, you will create a bond with your partners and instructors. They become part of a family for you. After class, you may go out and eat together or simply stay in touch through social media. Respect your partners and instructors so that they can also reciprocate in the same way.Both men and women are capable of being aggressive and violent when the need arises. While is true that men are generally stronger than women it doesn’t mean a woman can’t fight a man. A lot depends on social conditioning from childhood. In many parts of the world, parents begin this conditioning in the way their children play and socialise. Boys are given toy guns, soccer balls, or footballs to play and compete in sports. Girls, on the other hand, are given dolls, dollhouses, “princess” outfits, toy mirrors, and interact with similar girls.

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